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Behzad March 4, 2009 03:33

CFX Distributed Parallel Setup

I'm trying to setup cfx 11 for distributed parallel processing (PVM or MPICH configuration) on two Intel Q6600 Quad Core machines both running Windows XP SP2. I was wondering if anyone can supply a simple guide to setup Remote Shell Daemon (RSHD) on windows and how to use the PVM or MPICH system to run cfx in parallel.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Behzad

neel March 4, 2009 05:02

Re: CFX Distributed Parallel Setup
Hi Behzad,

Once you have the pre file ready, click write file and save the file. Once you have done this, CFX will open a new window ("DEFINE RUN"). Look for something called parallel environment-select MPICH/PVM/serial and choose the number of partitions. It is advised that MPICH2 local parallel for windows is best.

note: the default setting will be "serial"

Hope this works Thanks neel

Behzad March 4, 2009 06:26

Re: CFX Distributed Parallel Setup
Thanks neel for your immediate response.

I have already done the preliminary steps for the DISTRIBUTED parallel run in the "Define Run" dialog. The thing is after searching through numerous forums, I found out that you need to install both "RSH Daemon" and MPICH2 for WinXP to be able to start a distributed parallel run.

I have created and started RSH Daemon service in both machines, configured the hosts.ccl file and have the same account (username /password) on both machines with administrative privilages.

In the beginning of the run, below warning appears followed by this error:

+-----------------------------------------------------+ | Warning! | | | | | | rsh connection to host shah produces the following | | output after the output of the Command: | | | | <space> | | | | It could indicate that an rshd service from a | | different vendor is | | running, which may not provide the necessary | | functionality. This may cause problems spawning | | parallel slaves. | +-----------------------------------------------------+

+-----------------------------------------------------+ | An error has occurred in cfx5solve: | | | | Unable to start the PVM daemon on host <host name>. | | This may indicate that the PVM daemon is already | | running on that host, or that it left files in /tmp | | on that host because it did not exit cleanly last | | time it was run. | +-----------------------------------------------------+

I also upgraded from SP2 to SP3, because according to an article in microsoft knowledge base, Service Pack2 has a bug in handling RSH commands and they have released a hotfix for this problem (present in SP3). But after the upgrade the same warning and error appeared again.

Any ideas?

neel March 4, 2009 06:58

Re: CFX Distributed Parallel Setup
Hi Behzad, In that case, i can only think of the alternative solution to this and that would be: - use pvm local parallel model. if this doesnt work, it means that one of the files were not installed correctly. I dont know the name of this file exactly, may be "solver-pvm.exe"

Try to find this file in c/programfiles/ansysinc/v11/cfx/bin/wintt-x64/

If it is not there, you must contact your software supplier for this.

If it is in this folder, (remember the path!)

Now, go to write solve file--define advanced controls..(box checked)--solver tab--custom solver options--custom executable--browse--(paste the path to the file)

What we are doing here is, we are manually pasting this file in the solver, since it was not installed corretly.

Please try this and reply me if it works.

Thanks neel

johnny March 4, 2009 22:33

Re: CFX Distributed Parallel Setup
Did you go through the Installation and Licensing Guide? It tells you there how to setup MPICH properly.

icfd March 25, 2009 10:41

Hi Behzad, Did you solve the issue? If yes, I request you to share it. I am receiving the same warning. Thanks

JACZ November 25, 2010 21:54


Originally Posted by icfd (Post 210799)
Hi Behzad, Did you solve the issue? If yes, I request you to share it. I am receiving the same warning. Thanks

Hi all.
Did you check the "temp" folder in windows? try cleaning that temp filles;). Worked for me

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