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jai March 10, 2009 07:37

why linux preferred
why linux based OS preferred for cfx solving than windows OS? i know linux is not affect by viruses.

Dre March 10, 2009 10:22

Re: why linux preferred
Maybe because Linux is less of a resource hog, so more RAM available for solving?

jai March 10, 2009 13:27

Re: why linux preferred
if anythings possible to make it windows also?

if these can reduce the RAM occupy: like installing only cfx package

Glenn Horrocks March 10, 2009 17:57

Re: why linux preferred

There are Linux viruses as well as Windows ones. I have run many windows and Linux machines over the years and the only one which every got killed by a hacker was a linux machine. So don't think you are escaping viruses by going to Linux.

The performance difference between linux and windows is small in serial and up to moderate sized parallel jobs (maybe 10 computers). This is 99% of users so the choice really comes down to what OS you are more comfortable using.

For the 1% of users who do big parallel runs you will probably find Linux easier and more reliable for large clusters but for most users this is not relevant.

Glenn Horrocks

CycLone March 11, 2009 10:33

No preference
This topic has come up before. Why do you think Linux is preferred?

There was a time when Windows performed poorly in comparison to Linux. Those days are gone. Use whatever OS allows you to more productive.


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