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David March 10, 2009 18:57

HVAC Simulation
I have successfully set up and run a simulation similar to tutorial 17 in CFX. The simulation is a room with air inlets and outlets, but no internal heat generation. I want to place cylinders inside of the room space and give them a heat flux value to simulate people in the room.

I have imported a separate mesh of 28 cylinders, each 5 feet high with 2 foot diameter, and place it inside of the room. I place the cylinders in a subdomain with a radiation source associated with the subdomain. Also I defined the cylinders with the boundary conditions of a wall with a set temperature of 90 degrees.

When I run the simulation I get a "Isolated fluid regions" error. It remarks that the isolated regions do not have the pressure level set. Possibly because the domain interface was not properly defined.

Any advice on how to set up the simulation better or to fix my error would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

Rikio March 10, 2009 23:36

Re: HVAC Simulation

The cylinders should be set as solid domain, not subdomain of fluid. I think this can fix your problem.


David March 11, 2009 16:46

Re: HVAC Simulation
Thank you very much. This seems to have solver the problem.

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