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Jaho March 15, 2009 01:43

Initilization at subdomain
Hi, I would like to get some help about an lnitilization problem. Actually, the lnitilization in the cfx-pre is for global initilized condition for a domain. By the way, I want to give an initilized condition to a subdomain (not domain). For example, in the boundary details of a subdomain, we can give a fixed temperature as an option of the heat transfer. However, I want to give an initilized temp. instead of a fixed temperature in a submodain for a BC. Could you give me an answer for this? Thank you so much.


harshad March 16, 2009 00:39

Hi Jaho,
Specify that mesh you want to put in sub domain as another domain and put general connection interface in between the new domain and old domain. Then you can initialise as a temperature for all the volumes in that new domain. Then the boundaries temperature will be 'bounded' by that temperature so it will be like initialising for boundaries only.

seojaho March 28, 2009 15:53

Hi Harshad,

Thank you for your reply and I am sorry for late answer. By the way, I wonder how to convert subdomain to domain. Because subdomain is 2D, it's not available to convert subdomain to domain (3D). If you don't mind,
could you please explain about this a bit?
Thank you so much.


harshad March 30, 2009 00:58

I didn't understand when you said subdomain is 2d. Subdomain has to have a 3d mesh. I think boundary is 2d.

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