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Tristan March 18, 2009 21:30

Multiple Moving Meshes Animation
I have a moving mesh simulation that is made up of a sequence of meshes. I run them one after the other (using separate .def files) in order to study a piston-cylinder problem so that I don't end up with really small cells during compression or really large cells during expansion. Does anyone know how I can combine the different meshes and their associated transient result files into a single animation?



mvoss March 19, 2009 04:54


you could save the single frames for each .res file and simply copypaste them in one folder and make an new animation out of them.Should be possible with ... maybe...Irfanview.
If there are many .res-files you should think about batchprocessing via sessionfiles.


Tristan March 19, 2009 13:45

I only have 3 .res files but each of them has around 10 .trn files so I was hoping CFX Post would allow me to bring them all in at once and create one animation. Apparently that's not possible?



ghorrocks March 19, 2009 20:14


Yes, it is possible. You can use the CFX-Post scripting to get it to load the 3 results files sequentially. Don't use the animation gizmo in CFX, use a script file to load a timestep, write a frame, load the next timestep, write a frame, load the next res file... etc.

To get you started in CFX-Post session files, record a session doing a frame or two of the sequence and edit it from there.

Glenn Horrocks

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