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Gentry March 19, 2009 10:21

Axial blade simulation, TurboGrid a must?
Hi, everyone,

I am going to do some simulation on axial blade (airfoil shape), in order to get the most accurate results, is TurboGrid a must to generate the mesh?

I only have ANSYS meshing (CFX mesh) tool to generate tetra. Would this be able to yield similar results as TurboGrid mesh? How about the additional computer resouces (mesh quantity, CPU time to solve, etc.) if tetra mesh can do the work?

I think the general question is if TurboGrid is a must for turbomachinary rotor simulation. Please give some comments.



Gentry March 19, 2009 11:20

Meanwhile, to use TurboGrid, should BladeModeler be used too? Is there an easy way to feed blade geometry from CAD tool to TurboGrid?


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