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matwav March 19, 2009 21:57

CFX output units?
What is the units of "H-Energy "and "I-Radiation" in CFX's output file(*.out)?
Does the unit of "I-Radiation" have relation with Radiation Model?
When i simulate a furnace,Why the "I-Radiation" result not equal to heat of combustion?

rikio March 20, 2009 21:27

All units you set are listed in the CCL file, you can find them out in section titled "CFX Command Language for Run" of the .out file. If not included, they must be derived from the basic units, length, time and mass etc. Maybe you can have a check.
Wish it help.

matwav March 23, 2009 04:20

Thanks Rikio. In fact,i want to know if the output variable of "H-Energy" is the quantity of convective heat transfer,and the variable of "I-Radiation" is the quantity of radiative heat transfer?

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