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rikio March 22, 2009 23:31

Activate vorticity
Hi, all,

I want to activate Vorticity in CFX Post to help analysis. But problems came out.
An erroe message,
"CCLAPI::validateData - CCL validation failed with message:
Error: The essential parameter 'Option' is missing from /LIBRARY/VARIABLE:vorticity ",
displayed when I add the section below into Library.
VARIABLE: vorticity
Output to Postprocessor = Yes

Alternatively, I selected the variable Vorticity in output control. After 1 iteration, I run the CFX Post to visualize the vorticity contour. But an other error came out, which says,"DataReader::loadData - Error reading file 'D:\run_001.res': Error reading dataset G/COMMANDS"
Why these happened?

I know editing the VARIABLES file in the root directory is an efficient way, but I want to know why the two errors took place.

Please do me a favor to explain. Many thanks to all of you.

hamed1983 October 26, 2017 14:05


i have the same problem, plz let me know if you find a solution

Lance October 27, 2017 04:07

Vorticity can be calculated in CFD-post, see Variables/Derived/Vortex Core/Velocity.Curl

hamed1983 October 27, 2017 10:58

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Dear Lance,

Thanks for your reply. I did your comment and the result became like the attached. I want to know is it correct? or the vorticity should be reciprocal across the breadth of the ship?

Best Regards

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