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gmani March 24, 2009 08:23

i need help following problem pls pls help
this is the problem. i want to analysis about. pls bear it i am not good at english.

i have not yet model. this is the setup, 40mm OD 30 cm long pipe then there is one reaction chamber about 65mm OD and 10cm long . in reacting chamber give temperature about 400 deg c.

here i will sent two different pressure of air or h2. first open the valve and allow to passes 30 bar pressure of air or h2 . it will reach reaction chamber then heating and absorption takes place.then after particular time period allow to passes 60 bar pressure of air or h2. here i have get the absolute pressure developing in chamber.....

i think inlet is pressure and outlet it mass flow rate,,, these value i dont ve. i am just try to get with trail and error method.

pls any one help how to analysis this model. i am beginner of Ansys CFX...this is my project .. pls help

this is my email id

if anyone know pls help here

ghorrocks March 24, 2009 17:10


Combustion modelling is not a good place to learn CFD. It is tricky at the best of times. Have you done examples and/or training on simpler single phase, non-reacting models? You have to be very comfortable modelling single phase models before adding combustion.

Glenn Horrocks

gmani March 27, 2009 10:28

thank you friend. i am a beginner of cfx , atleast tell me how to simulate in transient model. i getting error. i am doing with help of tutorials. help me on this problem.

ghorrocks March 29, 2009 17:57


Do the tutorial examples provided with CFX, do CFX training courses, do a CFD course at uni.

Glenn Horrocks

gmani March 31, 2009 09:39

ok i will practice the tutorials. thank you for you kind advice

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