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montazerhodjat March 24, 2009 19:05

Wing analysis
I have modeled a Delta wing in Ansys and I want to do an structural analysis, So I need the aerodynamic forces. Can I use Ansys CFD to find these forces? Can I do a kind of fluid structural analysis? Also is that possible to import the lift from Fluent or not? My model is 3D!!!
If you answer on my email, It would be better!! My email address is:

montazerhodjat March 26, 2009 17:07

I got no answer !!! I really search for my answer!! I Want to do a 3D Fluid-structural analysis!! How can I do that ?Please help me

Siva_aero March 27, 2009 06:22

u can very well get the normal,Axial... etc forces from CFD, but u need to mesh the domain with good refinement in the area of interest, May be near the wings in ur case.
once did in CFX u can map the force values for ur structural analysis.

but all these depends on ur expertise in CFD.

thanks and regards

St.Anger March 27, 2009 09:49

Hello all,

I have a qustion about an 2D foil analysis. Im working with the CFX 11.
I need the CL/alpha curve and the CD/alpha. I think I really have a good and fine enough mesh. Im simulating in 2d with different alphas. front and back are symmetrie upper and lower surface are periodic.
My block is about 80meters long, wing chord is 1,0m, and the block depht is 0,001m.

The question is... How can I get my cl in CFX-Post. The cp plot looks really good, but the force in X is nearly the same to the force in Z-axis. That means cl is nearly cd and thats completly wrong. What Im doing wrong.
Am I right in calculating force in x,-z-axis for the coefficients? Or is there another procedure?

Thanks a lot for help or ideas :)

montazerhodjat March 27, 2009 16:05

fluid structural analysis
Thanks Siva, But I have found no tutorial about 3d fluid structural wing analysis in ansys!!! Do you have any Pdf or .... to help me more ??
Best regards

felipeengmec January 12, 2012 22:22

You can annotate the force in CFX for each alpha and after plot the polar. I'm with similar problem. I need plot the force for x coordinate, but I'm not getting.

john881129 January 13, 2012 00:32

ANSYS workbench can easily transfer data from CFD to structural modules. You need to obtain the fluid results from any of the CFD modules, i.e. CFX or FLUENT, before you do the structural analysis (1-way FSI). When the CFD result is ready, simply right click on the solution and select "transfer new data to" to any of the modules regarding your requirement. You are required to define the fluid-structure interface for the transfer of data like pressure.
There are several 2D tutorials in CFX. You may find them useful also for your 3D cases.


hhh August 3, 2012 07:09

velocity inlet in fluent
Dear friends,
In fluent, For analysis of 2D naca0012 airfoil velocity inlet we give vcostheta in x component & vsintheta in y component, v is inlet velocity.

1)here i start analysis of 3D wing, for that i take naca 0012 airfoil chord '1'& extrude 100mm, in gambit and analysis in fluent i have doubt how to set velocity inlet, here i consider my velocity is 3m/s, then what is xyz component in inlet velocity boundary condition,please let me know.

2)if you consider 3D wing, (vtantheta for z component) is correct or wrong, please let me know.

2) how to find angle of attack for 3D wing? please let me know

ghorrocks August 3, 2012 08:55

For information on Fluent try the Fluent forum. This is the CXF forum.

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