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jaber April 2, 2009 17:28

ICEM HEXA to CFX-PRE mesh export pb
i am using CFX as simulating software and ICEM HEXA as Mesher.
i have done a 2d extruded mesh (multiblock structured mesh).
but when importing mesh into cfx-pre: the inlet,outlet,wall1 and wall2 don't appear on outlet mesh tree.
any idea or suggestions will be wellcome.
thanks in advance.

CapSizer April 3, 2009 10:06

You have two ways of doing this. One is to extrude your 2D blocks in the Z-direction before converting to unstructured mesh, and the other is obviously to do the unstructured conversion first and then to extrude that to give you the 3D mesh. If you are using the second method, you need to be sure that when you do the extrusion, your "side" parts inherit their family names from the curves that form the 2D boundaries. IIRC, you can either give new names to the side boundaries, or you can set them to inherit.

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