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mylavarapu.1 April 6, 2009 14:55

Semicircular Channel
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Hi All, I am new to CFX and I have completed a couple of tutorials. I am using CFX in workbench mode. I am trying to model a 2 mm semicircular channel and mesh it using CFX workbench. I have created the geometry using SolidWorks and imported it as a stepfile in workbench (two geometry files attached). While creating the regions (inlet and outlet) in CFX mesh mode in workbench, should I have the geometry as completely solid ? In other words, if it is not completely solid, I am not able to select the faces for specifying as inlet or outlet. In all the design modeler tutorial files, the pipe or reactor are all completely solid. What I am trying to know is if the pipe geometry (semicircular cross section) should invariably be a completely solid geometry to assign inlet and outlet faces or can I have the geometry with the semicircular channel cut extruded and still be able to select the faces for inlet and outlet. I have attached the geometry files if my question is not clear. please let me know which geometry (semicircular.jpg or semicircular1.jpg) is the right one to proceed with cfx meshing. Thanks so very much in advance,

michael_owen April 6, 2009 16:47

All domains must be completely solid. You want the second option.

mylavarapu.1 April 6, 2009 18:17

Thank You
Hello Mike, Thank You very much !

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