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Dr.J April 6, 2009 22:45

Pathlines - Streaklines
Hello there!

I have a question about the post in CFX. Do you know if it is possible create pathlines and/or streaklines in CFX Post? Because as far as I remember in Star-CD and other software is possible... In case not I think the only way is to import the data in Tecplot but I think I have to format the data since there is no specific way of writing the data in "Tecplot format"...again, this feature is supported in other codes...

Let me know something if you can



ghorrocks April 7, 2009 19:08


In steady state, yes this can be done, they are called streamlines. If you want transient streaklines then this has to be done as massless particles in the solver. You cannot generate them purely in post-processing.

Glenn Horrocks

Dr.J April 7, 2009 19:50

Do you know if this option means that you don't have any effect on the particles? I mean...drag models and so the particles are following the velocity vectors without any additional effect.


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