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Dr.J April 7, 2009 02:13

From CFX to Tecplot
Hi there!

I have another question. Does anybody of you know if there is available somewhere a code (C, Fortran, Matlab) in order to create an input file for Tecplot in the suitable (3D Finite Element Data) way?

Since I'm working with biological flows the geometry is complicated and I need to work on pathlines/streaklines in Tecplot (view previous post).



ghorrocks April 7, 2009 19:10


CFX can export to CGNS, MSC Patran, Fieldview and Ensight formats. You can also write a custom export routine. Hopefully Tecplot takes in one of those formats.

Glenn Horrocks

Dr.J April 7, 2009 19:53

Normally I'm clicking on Export (in CFX Post) and I don't have the options you said...where can I find them? you know how to export the connectivity matrix? Because simply clicking on "export connectivity" doesn't work since it is valid only for 2D...


Far April 10, 2009 08:10

this option is availabe in CFX solver instead of CFX post.

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