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hmasenger April 10, 2009 16:13

help about modeling A MIXING TANK
hi everyone
i need to model a mixing tank with a 2 blade impeller rotating with speed of 7 rpm .i want to study the DISPERSAL of liquid in the tank would any one tell me should my problem modeled in multy phase with air and water for example, or i shoud model that in single phase(sorry about my bad english).
and, is one domain enough or i must define more
my mesh is created of e cylender that blade is cuted out of that
and i difined 2 composit 2d region
1)wall of tank=wall stationary
2)impler=wall rotating
is that enough to?

ehrenwirth April 13, 2009 10:25

Hi there!

I dont know if i understand the problem exactly, so iŽll repeat it in my own words: You have a Tank (better a t-valve), where u have 2 inlets (Inlet 1 = Hot Water / Inlet 2 = cold Water) and 1 Outlet (Water with mixing temperatur). If this configuration represents your proble, check:

(The whole Ansys-Demoroom gives a good overviwe what u can / canŽt do). Generally i think you should run a transient analysis to view how the two fluids are mixing into each other over time. I think in your example it is also necessary to add a particle trace (see CFX-Tutorial).

I my Opinion one domain is enough if you do not want to simulate for example the heat transfer. But i really dont know if i got the problem right.

Hope this may help you!

hmasenger April 13, 2009 15:21

thanks alot .but vortex?!!
thanks a lot for your favor and i really appreciate that ,
except inlet and outlet u got that right but
u know what?i just need to study the
of water in a completely isolated tank and see how the vortex is going to happen .do i need to defin to phase or somthing to see the vortex in the surface of the tank?and do i need to defin the surface a free slip wall or an opening one?

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