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xulixian April 13, 2009 15:59

Help me for the simulation on hydrogen/air combustion
I am puzzled by the simulation of H2/air combustion using CFX. I could not get the expected temperature, the maximum flame temperature is always below 980K. I use stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and air, but after the reaction, their always a lot of O2 left. It looks like a lean combustion. And the in the beginning of the simulation, CFX tell me
Reactants and products do not balance for a reaction.
| Products will not be scaled for conservation of mass. |
| |
| Reaction : Hydrogen Oxygen |
| Products scale = 2.7750
My reaction chamber is a tube with 0.2 mm in diameter and 1.55mm in length, the inlet diameter is 0.1mm. Adiabatic wall condition.The boundary is the following:

Inlet: 300K, 6 m/s, Mass fraction H2: 0.02857 O2: 0.22857 N2: constraint,

Outlet: static pressure 1 bar

Initial temperature: 1000K

I use the default stoichiometric coefficient, so the reaction is H2 + 0.5 O2 = H2O,

Pre-Exponential Factor : 3.12e7 [m^1.5 s^-1 mol^-0.5] **(the value in Fluent is 9.87e8, I change the value since I have to switch the uint from "kmol" in Fluent to "mol" in CFX.)
Temperature Exponent : 0
Activation Energy : 3.1e+04 j/mol.

In the begining of the simulation, I use the time step of 1 e-7 s, then I increase the time step to 1 e-5 s.

Can you help me to diagnose the simulation? I appreciate for your help.

joey2007 April 16, 2009 15:57

Are the stoichiometric coefficients balanced?

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