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hmasenger April 17, 2009 07:12

rotating frame .am i doing right?
i think i am going to get close to my goal step by step ,which is modeling a mixing tank ,and it s all for favores of my friends guiding me in this special forum
tanks them all!(spcial thanks to ghorrocks)
i have put som pic and an animatin in cfx-post of what i have don up to now with this problem .


steal i hav som problem with having a rotatinf frame which can realy rotate in sfx-post

i have highlighted the Domain Interfaces which i think i have defined wrong
i dont know what is wrong that i cant see the rotation of impller

is there any need for defining the impller as a rotating wall LIKEWISE
i have defind rotating domain that contains the impller??

pleas help i am totaly exusted with this pachelor tesis!

tanks everyone !!

ghorrocks April 17, 2009 07:40


There are several approaches to rotating frames of reference. The main ones to consider here are frozen rotor and transient rotor stator. Read the documentation and tutorials for a detailed explanation but in short the FR approach is steady state so the impeller does not move (but the effects of its motion are modelled) whereas TRS is the full transient rotating thing.

If you want to see a rotating impeller you need TRS. If you want the final psuedo-steady state solution the FR is probably OK.

The walls of the rotating frame of reference domain are defined relative to its reference frame. That is a "stationary" wall rotates with the reference frame from an absolute frame of reference.

Glenn Horrocks

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