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songxguan April 17, 2009 07:36

simulate Check valve in 2D
Hello everyone,

I'm doing a anlaysis about 2D check valve (radius is 'R'), which has a spring to support the disc, and is axi-symmetical.

I wish to solve it in 2D, and the simply way is to extrude one layer mesh(thickness is 't') and then do the so-called 2D analysis, but there is a question, when i do like this, how should I define the spring stiffness 'K'? it's same as before
or is should be calculated like this: ((t*R)/(Pi*R^2))*K
because the original force on the ball is P*(Pi*R^2), but now is just P*(t*R).

Is there anybody can help me ?
Thanks in advance.

Martijn April 18, 2009 12:06

Yes ((t*R)/(Pi*R^2))*K=K2D is probably the best solution if you want to simulate the valve in 2D.
But why don't you run the simulation as an axi-symmetrical problem?

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