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nolebb April 17, 2009 17:38

Problem with PVM Distributed Parallel
I can start Solver with 4 partitions (for example: 4 PC's with 1 partition or 2 PC's with 2 partitions...)
But, If I want to start more than 4 partitions, I have problem with License...
I have 6 PC's with 12 Processors. Can I solve that?

Win XP SP2
ANSYS Workbench 11.0
PVM Distributred Parallel

Thank you very much!

nolebb April 19, 2009 13:39

How many licenses (tasks) I need for Distributed Parallel with 12 processors?

ghorrocks April 19, 2009 19:25


For licensing it makes no difference whether a process is local on a multi-core machine or distributed across a network. The licensing is done per partition. So for a 12 way distributed parallel job or a 12 way local parallel job you will need 12 parallel licenses for either of them.

Glenn Horrocks

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