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Dr.J April 19, 2009 21:00

CGNS for Tecplot
Hi guys!

In a transient simulation, if you ask CFX to create CGNS output files, it does it but creates one file each timestep. So if I have 5 timestep I will have 5 files.
But Tecplot to work with unsteady simulations wants all the timesteps in one single CGNS file.
Do you know if exists a small program/code that can put together all the CGNS files in order to work with Tecplot?


minger April 27, 2009 11:45

Check out the NASA GRC CGNS utlities (I personally use plot3d_to_cgns)

Dr.J April 29, 2009 17:28

Thanks man!

I feel stupid but... I don't know how to use it. I mean... I don't know how to use the cgnstools, since it requires also tcl... could you tell what I have to do?



minger April 30, 2009 08:14

From what I understand, either Linux or Windows, all executables need to be ran from the command line. Since I have a Windows machine here, I start up cmd.exe and navigate to where the executable is.

If I do a
plot3d_to_cgns -help

Then I get all the required arguments and options. So, to actually do my plot3d to cgns conversion, my particular command is

./> plot3d_to_cgns -fc output.cgns

Where -f means formatted text, and -c means convert to primitive variables. After you install just navigate to the folder and do a help on the function to see whats required.

Mimou June 22, 2010 11:35

Hi minger,

How could install CGNS ? I'm using a VS .NET 2003 with f90. Thanks in advance.

hamzamotiwala November 4, 2010 05:15


I am new to this forum. Since the discussion was about CGNS, I thought of making a relevant request .I am looking for a working sample C program that can read and write data from an unstructured grid file in CGNS Format. Can anyone help me out with this problem please. Will really appreciate the help.

Thanks :)

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