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princeps11 April 21, 2009 02:18

steady state evaluation!
Dear memebrs;

I always appreciate your valuable comments and ideas.

Now I try to simulate heating panel embedded water pipe.

except one surface, all faces are adiabatic conditions.

at the surface, heating load is placed on the boundary(about -500W)

water is supplied at 35C.

From the first law, water outlet temperature will be around 25C when the water mass flow is set at 0.0138 kg/s.

I want to know the surface temperature and water outlet temperature thourgh S/S condition in CFX.

If the panel set 15C then water is start to circulate, should I set the initial condition of the panel(solid) at 15C or expected temperature (around 27C)? I mean the panel surface temperature will be around 27C (I expected) after water is fully circulated.

What is a suitable option for time scale control? (autotime scale or physical time scale factor)

Whenever I changed the time scale control (Auto -aggressive, conservative) and initial condition of solid and fluid(water), output is very different. I'm not sure what is reasonable data.

please let me know the best shot!


rikio April 21, 2009 04:18


The temperature of the surface will reach a balanced one once your steady state solution converged. So just set a heat flux for this surface since -500W is given.
Regarding the timescale, just follow the Advice on Flow Modelling on Timestep Selection. Do all of the models of different timescale settings have converged ? If not, it is normal to differ greatly.

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