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joe2510 April 23, 2009 14:51

solid rotation
my name is Joe and I am a new member in this forum.
The system I try to simulate is made out of two discs with rotational periodicity. During operation the disc rotate with different speed but the same colinear rotational axis. During operation there is a gap between the discs in axial direction with a fluid flow. The fluid has a different (higher) temperature compared to the disc. The important thing is the heat transfer from the fluid to the discs.
Actually I implemented a model with 2 solid (discs) and a fluid domain (fluid) in between. The domains are connected by fluid-solid-interfaces (GGI). The boundary surface between fluid and solid is wall with a rotational speed.
Because the fluid has a inhomogeneous haet distribution, to solve the Problem accurate, a rotation of the solid discs is needed to get the correct heat distribution on the discs. The problem is that i do not know how to realize a rotation of the solid discs.
It would be great, if somebody has some detailed information to solve the problem.
Thank you so far,

ghorrocks April 23, 2009 18:40


Do what want to solve the temperature distribution in the disks? In that case you need a CHT simulation (conjugate heat transfer, ie a fluid domain and a solid domain) where the solid domain also rotates. I think you need V12 for this, I don't think it is supported in V11. Ask your CFX support people for the V12 beta.

Glenn Horrocks

joe2510 April 27, 2009 06:58

I contacted the support and it is also possible to "Enable Beta Features" in Advanced CFD.
Edit -> Options -> CFX-Pre --> Enable Beta Features.
It is now possible to use beta feauters including rotation of solid domains.
Thank you for your information.

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