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njsavage April 29, 2009 17:13

Ansys Workbench (CFX) bucket problem

Here's the problem....

I'm trying to first of all fill a simple bucket/tub CAD model in ANSYS CFX. The problem is there is no outlet as there is only 1 entrance to the bucket system. Any suggestions on how to approach this would be great.

secondly, i will be moving the simple bucket CAD model into a wooden bucket made from staves. I will be hoping to 1)fill the bucket in CFX then 2) load the top edge of the bucket in ANSYS FEA simulation and finally 3) show the gaps between the staves opening up to release the fluid inside in ANSYS CFX, all performed in the workbench environment. Any suggestions as to how to approach these problems? Is it possible to define a contact region as an outlet? (i.e. the contacts between the staves of the bucket when they are not opened?)

thanks for any help in advance


njsavage April 30, 2009 09:51

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I'm currently working on this and the progress so far is:

1) I've turned this into a full barrel probelm now.

2) i've imported the Solidworks CAD model into ANSYS designmodeler (Diagram 1) and performed a fill function on the internal surfaces of the bucket. I have done this twice, the reason being the inner surface of the bucket is made of staves and each of the staves seems to have an idividual fill. using the fill function for all stave produces a fill which is cylindrical but split into pieces (like a pie) (diagram 2). in addition to the the bottom surface of the bucket creates a 'cone' like fill (Diagram 3). I have created parts for the two fluid fills.

3) I have generated a mesh for both the internal fluid and the external barrel (Diagram 4).

My main probelm at the minute is trying to find a way to merge the fluid into one single part rather than a part made of many pieces. If anyone can help with this please let me know.

Any other suggestions are welcome regarding the overall task. At the moment I'm thinking I might be able to mesh the surface of the staves as a CFX mesh and give this outlet properties.??



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