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jai May 9, 2009 07:04

solver efficiency: linux vs windows
if i'm running a turbo machinary job in single workstation means which OS deliver better performance for solving? & why?
why gen people saying that linux is more faster than windows?
if possible please give some data sheets for reference

ghorrocks May 10, 2009 21:58


There is no performance difference between Windows and Linux. The OS comes down to personal choice.

For a detailed discussion about benchmarking CFX have a look at the CFX-Community page. One of the threads there has an extensive discussion.

For detailed benchmarks of computer speeds look at In my experience the CPU2006fp and CPU2006fp-rate metrics correlate quite well to CFX simulation speeds.

Glenn Horrocks

jai May 11, 2009 10:11

thanks for your response
kindly help me to find out that thread in cfx community.

i've seen the and the data sheet for various processor, but how can i differenciate with windows and linux

ghorrocks May 11, 2009 21:36


The CFX Community is on the customer portal of the ansys website. It is down at the moment and has been very unreliable for months. The unreliability has killed the forum, I am sorry to say.

As I said, there is no speed difference between linux and windows. Even the results show that.

Glenn Horrocks

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