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flattie May 13, 2009 19:19

ICEM HEXA - Where to start?
I finally got the HEXA license approved and will be able to use ICEM in its fullest now. I have been using Workbench as my mesher and it never could make good meshes for my problems. Do you have any recommendations on the best approach to learn HEXA? Are there additional tutorials, etc., on the web, that might be useful beyond the included documentation?

Thanks for any advice for a new HEXA user.

suihenry May 13, 2009 22:57

In ICEMCFD, there is the user tutorial, and if you finish all the cases in this tutorial, i think you can use ICEMCFD better.

rogbrito May 19, 2009 21:33

It starts like that....

with kind regards,


PSYMN May 26, 2009 09:12

Key steps
Keep in mind that although ICEM CFD Hexa may look tricky, it is really only a few things to learn…

First you need to understand what blocking topology is… How to keep the blocking topology separate in your mind (but associated) from the geometry shape.

It also helps to be able to use the power of OGrid, etc.

Once in the GUI with an initialized blocking, there are really only a few steps that you do over and over again…

1) Split the blocking (this includes ogrid)
2) Delete the parts of the blocking that are not included in your toplogy
3) Associate the blocking to your geometry
4) Assign edge distributions (mesh sizes)
5) Improve quality
a. Involves diagnostics, moving vertisices, adjusting edges and edge distributions.

Try some tutorials (some are built into the help) and apply those lessons learned to your problems.

Old Chinese proverb… “the work will teach you how”

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