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Pe2 May 14, 2009 03:58

Error when importing cgns mesh created with numeca

I do some turbomachinery simulations. For grid generation I use numeca, and for the simulation I use CFX11.

Numeca creates the mesh in cgns.

When I import the mesh I always several error messages of this type:

GTMAPI::importmeshToModel - The importing process reported the following warning(s) while importing
the mesh from the requested file:

  Unable to map nodes in interface "bc_6" between Zone "row_1_flux_1_Blade_1_down"
  and "row_1_flux_1_Blade_1_up" as the not all nodes could be equivalenced.

The simulation runs and I don't think I have any issues with this problem, but I am not sure.

So my question is: Have anyone else had this problem? Do you know what causes this? And does it influence the simulation result?

ghorrocks May 14, 2009 18:30


I think this error is saying it can't equivalence nodes across a periodic boundary. If the nodes across the periodic boundary don't match then ignore the error and use a GGI periodic boundary. If they should match then you will probably adjust the equivalencing tolerance so they match. Then you will be able to use a 1to1 periodic boundary and this is faster and more accurate - but not a show stopper if you can't do it.

Glenn Horrocks

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