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MiXaNiK May 29, 2009 08:33

Arbitary Surface in CFX Postprocessor
Hello all!
I've solved the problem and moved to postprocessing. But my model's geometry is very complicated and it'll take me considerable time to make all cuts of places of interest with CFX-post's embedded tools. As I know, the model's mesh should be only volume mesh i.e. CFX-Pre cannot recognize any surface mesh. That is why, as I know, the only way to have previously prepared cut of a geometry (surface mesh, for instance, in *.msh ) is using User Surfaces in CFX-Post. Am I right?
However User Surface require *.cdb or *.xml file format to use this feature. I wonder how can I get that files? I've looked for some information on various sites, but found nothing useful. As well I've checked ICEM and CFX Mesher, but there were also nothing.
Can anybody give me a hand with this trouble?

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