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sherifkadry May 29, 2009 13:07

Turbomachinery Convergence Issue CFX 11
Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to CFX, and taking over from a former colleague work. He had a mesh ready that simulates a three stage turbine. I setup the model in CFX-Pre, used CFX-Pre (its a steady state analysis and model is run at optimal turbine conditions). I specified an inlet total pressure condition (known from experimentation) and an exit pressure (obtained experimentally as well). The solution does not converge and oscillates at a specific value. There is some massflow imbalance as well. I'm not sure how to remedy this situation. I tried going simple and running just one stage (1 stator 1 rotor) versus all three stages. I get the same pattern. I'm using the stage model in CFX...most of my selections were based on CFX's best practice guide for turbomachinery applications.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and what could a possible remedy be. Please let me know if you need more details as I'm sure I probably left something important out.
Thank you,


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