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waynezw0618 May 31, 2009 04:25

non-normal shut down problem for transient calculation
Hi everyone.
a non-normal shutting down WITHOUT writing .res file was happned when i doing the a transient calculation.there is lots of files remain in the working directory(mycase_001.dir),the files such as:

so far as i know .mon files and mon,mon.old files are moniter information during iterations.when the goes iteration finnals the this .mon file will mergered into .trn files for example : the finnal 1_full.trn= 1_full.trn+1_full.mon.and the finnal result file mycase.res will has the information of mon and mon.old file.
so the question is when the non-normal shutting down is happened. how can merge the .mon file to the .trn file .and go on use the mon file for the restart of iteration.



waynezw0618 May 31, 2009 05:46

According the ansys customer portal there is a tools called cfx5dfile could do such things. but it seems just in ansys10.0 not in 11.0 for 11.0 there is no "-write-monitor" options.

can anyone tell me how to resolve the problem?

yours wayne

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