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kuhbuh June 4, 2009 00:51

Incompressible with mass transfer simulation
Hello everyone!

Is it possible in CFX to have two-phase incompressible with mass transfer simulation? If yes, could you give me hints on how to do it particularly in the kind of material that I should use? Thanks guys!

- kuhbuh

ghorrocks June 4, 2009 18:50


Yes it is possible. I don't think you will find a tutorial example on it. Your CFX support person may have some demonstration simulations using it.

Glenn Horrocks

kuhbuh June 8, 2009 00:00

Thanks a lot sir!!

ghorrocks June 8, 2009 06:47


One other comment - mass transfer is handled very differently in multiphase flows. For instance it is ocmpletely different in langrangian particle tracking compared to eularian multiphase and completely different again in free surface models. Therefore type of multiphase flow model makes all the difference. You have not specified what type of multiphase flow you are dealing with.

Glenn Horrocks

kuhbuh June 8, 2009 20:47

Hi Sir,

My simulation is high-speed dispersed liquid in gas using Eulerian-Eulerian model. We want to see the effect of mass transfer. I'm using thermal phase change for mass transfer model. Further comments is much appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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