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realanony87 June 19, 2009 06:47

Spanwise Lift post-processing
Hello guys. I simulated flow around a 3D wing and I am post processing the results.
Does the force_norm function in CFX ansys give the Force per unit meter one could use to get the lift distribution along the wing ? Or is it better to specify user surfaces from contours (contours of spanwise Z direction ) to cut the wing into sections and extract the total force acting on each user surface ?
The problem with the 2nd option is with me when I try to extract a force on the user surface it hangs CFX for 10 mins for the first calculation , before it gives the result.
Which technique do you guys use ?

ghorrocks June 19, 2009 07:01


Read the documentation about the force_norm function. I am not sure but I think it only gives you the direction of the force vector.

The best way to extract the data you want is as you suggest - make user surfaces and do force operations on each user surface.

Glenn Horrocks

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