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Turbulent June 22, 2009 17:04

Tank wavemaker

I'm trying to simulate a tank wavemaker in CFX as oscillatory moving wall but has some problems running the file.
If anyone has suggestions I woul'd be more than happy to hear.

the .cfx and .def files can be found here:


ckleanth June 22, 2009 19:39

instead of creating a moving mesh why you dont define a variable velocity inlet using linear wave theory?

outlet and top I'd use an open boundary, for the outflow a cel pressure definition taking into account hydrostatic and air pressure

Turbulent June 23, 2009 12:32


Thanks for you answer. I've tried this in the past but with outflow BC on the outlet you don't know the water level in order to define pressure (it suppose to come from the solution. If you decide to define it by yourself you get a singular point on the water-air interface at outflow.


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