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Tristan June 22, 2009 18:34

Restart Deforming Mesh Calculation
I ran a deforming mesh calculation and wrote transient results files every 10 timesteps. I'd like to now go back and write out transient results files every timestep in a time period near the middle of the original simulation to get a more detailed time history. So I tried restarting the simulation using one of the original transient results files but I get strange behavior of the mesh and the residual time histories:

1. In the new simulation, the initial transient result file that is written before the solver has done anything shows that the mesh has moved backwards from its position in the original-simulation transient result file that was used as the restart file.

2. After 1 timestep in the new simulation, the mesh position appears to be back on track with the original simulation.

3. The residuals spike on the restart and take a while (>10 timesteps) to settle back down to where they were in the original simulation.

I tried changing the "Use Mesh From" option in the CFX-12 solver run definition panel from "Initial Values" to "Solver Input File" but this did not change anything at all, the mesh behavior and solution residuals are identical.

Does anyone know if it is even possible to restart a deforming mesh calculation or if I am just not doing it correctly here?



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