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Stein June 27, 2009 21:29

Anyone do reaction simulation in CFX??
I am simulating reaction in CFX now?
There two ways to simulate reaction in CFX as follows:
1: Define source terms for mass fraction and energy equation
2: Use built-in FRC model in CFX to simulate directly.
But problem present,what the difference between these two methods.
First one seems to more complicated,cause it needs to edit source terms by CEL,but the sencod one dose not.
So ,I am puzzled about the second one, where is the sources term or how does CFX deal with source terms in this method.Cause by this way ,user does not need to define source terms manually.Why? I cant get it .

So,someone has similar experience and problem can help me explain this,thank you very much.

ghorrocks June 28, 2009 19:14


Why not start with the tutorial examples - number 15 is reacting flow in a mixing tube and number 30 is coal combustion so they look like good starting points for you.

Glenn Horrocks

Stein June 28, 2009 20:20

I have practiced those two cases already,so I meet those two problem above.I want to know the theory by which CFX modeling reaction.It is also about Energy equation.
Which one I shoule use,thermal energy or total energy equation.I really stuck with that problem for a long time.

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