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anna_67 July 8, 2009 05:16

Analysis for bake-out of a structure

I have to prepare a model - about 40 tons in reality with many cooling channel for bake- out analysis, which means - the structure should be heated from room temperature to a temperature of 240 deg.C. by using a fluid, either water or gas. The result should be which is the shortest time to which you can bring the structure to 240 deg.C and by which flow rate, pressure, etc.
I have to play around with different fluids, different pressures , maximum allowable is 40 bar, and different mass flow rates. In this case which should be the most robust initial conditions I have to apply and how can I get from the results the pressure drop as well - the cooling channels in the whole structure are with many curvatures, bendings, etc.
Thank you for the advices

ghorrocks July 8, 2009 07:38

The documentation discusses robust boundary condition combinations. Have a read. It is trivial to get the pressure drop in CFD-Post, just calculate the areaAve pressure (or total pressure usually) over the inlet and outlet boundaries.

Glenn Horrocks

ckleanth July 8, 2009 18:32

if you're on about optimising a design or a procedure then yes cfd is what you should be doing.

however to be honest i think you itend to use the wrong software for the job..

from the description of your problem i think you'd be better off on doing "what if" analysis with 1D fluid/thermal software like flowmaster or you could investigate the posibility to use modelica (open source)

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