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pitisrisuk July 14, 2009 14:30

Cavitation model with non-isothermal flow

I'm trying to use a cavitation model to simulate a throttling flow. Basically,I have liquid water coming in at high temperature and high pressure. Then the it is supposed to flash into vapor after it passes through a constricted section. I've succeeded (I think) doing this in a homogeneous, isothermal condition. However, in reality, after the fluid expands (due to throttling process), the temperature should drop to some extent. So I try to run my problem in non-isothermal condition, but it is very difficult to converge; actually most of the time it diverged. I've tried several combination of heat transfer equation, but no luck. If any of you has experience in using cavitation model under non-isothermal condition or if you have an example how to do it, please let me know.

In addition, I also would like to know if the cavitation model can be used with non-homogeneous flow. I tried it a couple of time. Again it didn't work out. I know there are more equations to solve compared with homogeneous flow, and that's why it makes things more complicated.


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