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AdidaKK July 22, 2009 20:55

Flamelet: Rans of turbulent non-premixed flames
Hello im new in CFD,but im working with CFX 10 in a combustion problem.
Its a combustion chamber(tubular) of a turbine HITACHI, non premixed flames,natural gas-air.

but im studing the concepts first,and i really want to know if ANSYS CFX specify FLAMELET use this assumptions for the avarage equations(FOR NON-PREMIXED TURBULEN FLAMES :

1.-the thermodynamic pressure is constant and MACH number is small.
2.- Species heat capacity are equal and constant (Cpk=Cp)
3.-Molecular difussion follows fick's law and molecular difussivities Dk are equal for all species (Dk=D)
4.-Lewis number ist equale to unity

I know thats flamelet model use Lewis number=1 ,and fast chemestry,but the rest?

and my second question if FLAMELET its a model who works with:

Reaction rates-->infinitely fast chemestry?

thanks very much


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