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moca July 24, 2009 08:58

wind turbine simulation
I try to make wind turbine simulation using CFX. But I have some question:1) What is the good turbulence model for this simulation? 2) How to calculate power from my simulation? 3) My boundary condition for my blade is wall, but I don't know exactly it is smooth wall or roughness wall? 4) How far accurate that simulate wind turbine using CFX? 5) What I can get from CFX in this simulation ( I know only pressure distribution and streamline visualization). Thank you all

ghorrocks July 25, 2009 06:48

1) SST is a good general purpose aerofoil turbulence model. I have no idea how well it handles the atmospheric boundary layer.

2) Use the CFD-Post turbomachinery macro and read the documentation.

3) So, what is your question here?

4) Are you asking how accurate is CFD modelling of wind turbines? I have no experience in the area but suspect if you are careful and correctly model the atmospheric conditions, geometry (including distortions), turbulence transition etc it should be very accurate. Of course you might need a supercomputer to run it. How accurate a simulation can be done using the resources you have available is a more difficult question.

5) From an accurate simulation you can get everything aerodynamic there is to know about the flow field. See answer 4.

Glenn Horrocks

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