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sharma July 31, 2009 05:19

Blocking off in CFX
Can I 'block off' a perticular region of a grid made in TurboGrid 11.0? Such an option was available with TASCflow earlier where one could specify the I,J,K range of a region and then specify it as 'inactive' zone. Can this be done in Turbogrid 11.0 or CFX 11.0?

ghorrocks August 2, 2009 00:14


CFX is an unstructured solver so you cannot refer to mesh in IJK coordinates. You could set a domain to have several mesh regions in it and just not include one of the regions in it. Or you could make it a subdomain and maybe set it to be porous which a very high porosity (so it effectively becomes a solid) and I am sure we can dream up many more ways of doing it.

Glenn Horrocks

sharma August 2, 2009 22:00

But the problem is that in CFX how can I select the particular region that I want to block off. I cannot define named regions at particular locations, neither in turbogrid nor in CFX. Now, if I want to define an inactive/solid region how shall I specify the location?

ghorrocks August 3, 2009 18:55


You cannot define regions in the solver (well, not easily anyway). The way to do this is to define these regions in the mesh and then get the solver to act on these regions. You will need to redo you mesh, there is no easy way around it.

Glenn Horrocks

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