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surge519 August 2, 2009 20:39

CFX GGI Interface Error (non-overlapping)
Hello, I have a little issue and I was wondering if their is a way to solve this problem. I am using CFX v11 and I would like to interface two similar faces which lay on the same plane (Y,Z) however are in different rotational locations (Rotation Axis, X). So I would like to extract the temperature from FaceA, rotate it about the X axes some angle theta, and map it to FaceB. I tried using rotational periodicity, however this failed because the faces are normal to the rotation axis so CFX gives the following error.

| ERROR #555000003 has occurred in subroutine CS_COMPUTE.
| Message:
| GGI intersection error. For a particular boundary face on domain
| interface:
| The intersection failed to find any pixels. Likely causes are:
| 1) Very large differences in grid density between the two sides of
| the interface. In this case, increase the value of the expert
| parameter 'ggi bitmap resolution'.
| 2) An interface contains a degenerated face. In this case, also
| increase the values of the expert parameters
| 'ggi bitmap resolution' and/or 'ggi edge scale factor'.
| 3) A sliding interface has one or more nodes with zero radius.
| In this case, modify the grid to remove these nodes.

Any suggestions or examples using CEL or Fortran would be greatly appreciated. I do not have access to CFX v12.

Thanks in Advance,


ghorrocks August 3, 2009 18:54


If you define the sector using periodic boundaries and link them a GGI this should work. You might need to post an image to help us understand what you are trying to do.

Glenn Horrocks

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