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Ema August 7, 2009 03:48

heat generation in CFX
Hi everyone,
I need your help.

1)What does it mean that CFX has an EMAG capability?
I'm using cfx in the multyfield way, coupling an exported file from a mechanical transient thermal simulation to cfx. Someone told me that I can run this al in CFX using the emag capability of cfx.

2)Is someone using this kind of simulation? 'cause have a second problem, when i analize my results i notice that cfd post has a defect: even if cfx and mechanical are running together and they are part of the same project and even if i set the same unit of measurement regarding the temperature (K), actually the half of my .rth file (the one belonging from mechanical) is posting processed in C and not in K.

Really hope someone can help me.
Thanks to everyone in advance!!!!!

ckleanth August 7, 2009 04:49

1) yes... cfx has emag capability. everything that you need to know about the module is now explained in the manual.

2) yes i'm using emag within cfx, doesn't matter what units post spits out as numbers are processed in C or K depending on what you set your default units to be. however i cant seem to understand the confusion as the two issues are not linked :confused:

Ema August 7, 2009 05:03

to use a multifield simulation i must include an input file exported from my mechanical simulation without run it before.
Once that i have saved this file, (with the same units of measurement of cfx, and the same simulation time) i can include it in cfx and run it here.
analizing the results i see that the elements belonging to cfx have results expressed in K, and the others in C, because, even if the legend is in K for all the stuff, the temperatures are lower than what i expect, exactly of 273 K or C.

ckleanth August 7, 2009 05:35

when you import data you must define the units. obviously there might be something "lost in translation" ?? :confused:

Ema August 7, 2009 05:39

Of course I've defined it. I guess it's a defect with cfd post. The .rth file is being post processed in K not C when results are resumed as part of the same system. So i might find a workaround...

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