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darookie August 24, 2009 11:23

Grid sensitivity analysis
I want to do a grid sensitivity analysis and i am not sure about the criteria to change the grid for each step. Should i just concentrate on the absolute number of cells or increase the volume of the cells, so I can keep the quality of my grid according to aspect ratio and angle.
In which way are you handling this topic?
Thanks for your replies

ghorrocks August 24, 2009 19:08

Refer to Roache's classic text "Computational Fluid Dynamics" for a complete analysis of this issue. A summary can be found in the Journal of Fluids Engineering editorial policy -

darookie August 25, 2009 09:00

Thank you very much.
The link really perfectly describes the requirements for a good numerical study. But it is a little bit unspecific in describing the grid refinement.

the article only mentions: that the refinement should be structured, the use of geometrically similiar cells are preferable and the different grid resolutions should be significantly different.

Than it is rather prefered to choose different grids, which are proportionally to each other by volume :confused: or something else? I search for the most common way!!
I haven t read the recommended book yet, but thanks for your advise, now i know that iam not on the wrong track.

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