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bmdaortiz September 8, 2009 15:19

How to set pulsatile flow in cfx?
hi everyone, im just begining with simulations in cfx and i want to simulate pulsatile blood flow to see wall shear stress in a stenotic vessel... i have done most of the tutorials included in cfx but i still dont know how to set my flow as pulsatile, if some one can help me that would be very useful,
Thank you in advance

ckleanth September 8, 2009 17:54

transient case and setup inlet boundary conditions as a function of time or timestep.

check the function that you can use to create an exression that is linked with the timestep for example atstep; start your simulation simply and only when you get meanginful results add complexity

bmdaortiz September 8, 2009 18:31

Thank you
thank you for your answer i will try it... but its there a way to enter for example pressure as a function of time but in a table like a pressure load?

Thanks again for the help

ckleanth September 8, 2009 18:50

search in the cfx manual for "Problems with Convergence" and read that section

I sugest you also read the "Initialization Advice" and "Recommended Configurations of Boundary Conditions" sections..

bmdaortiz September 8, 2009 22:48

sorry if i dont understand correctly but what i want (i dont know if it is possible) is to enter as an inlet in a boundary condition a cloud of poits that i have

time Pressure
0 80
0,1 100

like that... i cant find the way to do it


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