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jeff_F September 13, 2009 23:04

two-way coupling problem in multiphase simulation
Hi all,

I am working on the simualtion of spray. The breakup models I used are LISA and TAB. I am using k-Epsilon model for turbulence, two-way coupling and schiller Naumann for drag force model. Turbulent dispersion force is on with default Eddy viscosity ratio limit.
The setting seems alright. However, there is huge difference between the spray droplet speed and the flow field's speed (Max. speed are 24ms^-1 and 0.27ms^-1 respectively). Is there anything I can do for improving the two phase coupling performance?


seaharrier September 14, 2009 05:44

I suggest you check the droplet diameter and other parameters pertinent.
What you have set as you said is not the matter, you needn't rework them.
Look into the help docs carefully. September 16, 2009 00:50

Hi Jeff,

I think, you need to check your physics of the problem first, What is an approximate size of your particles and the particle loading ( no of particles/ m3 of Air). If particles are too big and if you think that they can change the momentum of the air, then only use two way coupling other wise one way coupling is good. Please check how you have defined the density of the spray particles?

jeff_F September 16, 2009 10:35

Thanks! I will check that

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