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pratikmehta September 26, 2009 17:14

Dyamic Meshing application in IC Engine using CFX
Hello all ,

I am currently using CFX12 dynamic mesh simulation for IC engine . This has been launched recently. I was just wondering if anyone of you , have actually performed a complete 4 stage simulation for IC engine . Since i am having serious trouble running it especially at the time of the configuration change from Exhaust open ( C1EO) to overlap region ( C2BO). I would like to know how to initialize the C2BO configuration since CFX overlooks the intialization value set in the original mdef file.
In my case Turbulent kinetic energy just shots off to high level and later diverges at the start of C2BO config. Temperature abt 1000 C of the combustion chamber is getting extraplolated into the Intake side of the domain.

PS: Combustion model is not used. Hence no chemical reaction and no injection model as of yet included into the simulation.

thanks for your response

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