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Mankim October 7, 2009 04:37

Surface of revolution problem in CFX Post
Hi all,

I am trying to plot the fluid velocity on a revolved surface in CFX Post 12. But the plot I get return a non zero velocities in volumes outside the fluid domain. These volumes represents walls for example.

Are any one here familiar with this? I am guessing this is an interpolation error, maybe due to course mesh. Any ideas?

Is there some other way around this problem?

This problem does not exist when plotting on a plane. It seems that the plane can distinguish from fluid and solid domains but the surface of revolution can not.

I would appreciate any comment very much.


ghorrocks October 7, 2009 06:08

Does it do it for both hybrid and conservative variables?

You may have found a bug in CFD Post. I would report it to CFX Support.

Sonic January 4, 2010 18:47

I've recently ran into the same problem where the surface of revolution includes the area outside the domain. A surface plane seems to cut out the area not in the domain, so I'm confused why the surface of revolution tool does not do the same.

Is there anyway to fix this?

sans January 5, 2010 06:38

Hi, Not sure how you have created the surface of revolution. You may try using the line option (if its suitable), that way you can stop the surface from going into your walls or outside the domain.

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