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Hamidreza October 16, 2009 16:59

Rigid Body State Variables in Solid Immersed Simulation
Hi everybody
I need your help to find how to access Rigid Body State Variables information that in Solid Immersed Simulation by Solver Manager in run process is printed.
in reality my main purpose is to simulate the acceleration process of circle in water tank (@ t=0 & V=0 to t=1 min & V=...).
i read the capability of CFX 12 & guess that i can simulate this process by Beta future "Solid immersed"

for simplicity of simulation i use 2D simulation, and perform this step :
1. draw tank water domain that a circle is cut extrude from
that and mesh it.
2. draw a circle domain similar to that and mesh it.
3. use circle for solid immersed domain.
4. use the force 20 [N] on circle in X direction

For this simulation i need this information to update the domain & boundary condition.
for exapmle in in inlet i need the velocity of Solid body in begin of each timestep to update that.
but i can't find this value for set that.
my question is that how could access to motion characteristic (position, velocity, acceleration) of rigid body in solver manger run?...

by this information i can update specific property of water tank domain.!!
i think for my work i need this important step to simulate the real process.

Thank you for responding

ghorrocks October 19, 2009 06:14

As it is a beta feature it is not in the documentation. This means you will need to talk to CFX support to find out how to access it. I have not used the feature so cannot help you.

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