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luisalva October 27, 2009 15:04

to add an equation of transport in the CFX
:confused::confused:I need to place one equacion of trasnporte of an additional variable, somebody can say to me like placing a gradient of an additional variable in the CFX?:confused::confused::confused:

ghorrocks October 28, 2009 07:09

I don't understand what you are asking.

CFX supports additional variables with a convection/diffusion, or just diffusion or convection. I also supports some expression additional variables.

luisalva November 23, 2009 09:31

Equation of transport
I need to place an equation of transport for an additional variable
the equation of transport of this additional variable is not an equation as it appears in the CFX, since they appear new terms that have q to be modeled

I want to know like placing in the CEL gradient of gradient of an additional variable
somebody can help me please

ghorrocks November 23, 2009 18:13


new terms that have q to be modeled
What do you mean by this?

Gradients of additional variables are described in the CEL Expression language reference section of the documentation.

joey2007 November 24, 2009 03:11

- Define the additional variable - Define it as transport equation under domain fluid models - Define another additional variable - Set the second one as algebraic. - Set the value to gradient e.g Pressure.Gradient X - Use second variable as input forsource term

luisalva November 26, 2009 14:05

Thank you very much joey 2007 i feel good your idea about creating an additional variable and then put on a transport equation.
then, create a another variable and define it is an algebraic equation, in this Equation algebraic define an expression in which my source terms will be defined.
in order to place this I finish source I have q to go to the contour defined as entrance and to place in source

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