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Ian November 1, 2009 06:13

Underwater turbine

I am considering modelling a tidal turbine in CFX to look at the effect of waves and undertwater turbulence on the blade loads. As a start I think it would be best to seperate the two phenomena and have two models, one for waves and one for turbulence. I would like to use my results in validate a simplier dynamic inflow blade load solver. I had planned to start off looking at simple (non breaking) waves. Due to the computational time I think it may be best to just analyse a couple of wave heights, frequencies and depths.

Has anyone had experience with modelling a transient problem for an underwater turbine? I am just concerned with the time it will take to obtain a solution and whether it is feasible. Any comments would be appreciated.


ghorrocks November 1, 2009 06:51

I would be very surprised if anyone else on the forum has modelled this type of turbine. But you never know your luck.

As for whether the model is feasible - this obviously depends on the resources you have available (both computational and your time and skill) and the importance of the results. If your model identifies a key design parameter which has otherwise been missed then it is likely your models will be very useful. But in my experience, to get a complex model to a point where it is a useful design tool requires time, attention to detail and a good knowledge of the physics of what is going on. So start simple and validate each extra bit you add along the way with experimental or analytical results.

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