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aero November 6, 2009 02:10

Synthetic (pulsatile) jet transient simulation
Hi I need your help!

I'd like to simulate a pulsatile jet with CFX. It blows for 0.05 s and then sucks for 0.05 s etc..

So far my strategy was to begin with a steday-state simulation(1) to obtain the main flow and the initial values. Then I run a transient simulation(2) with the jet blowing using the values of (1) as initial values. I added a new variable (smoke) with the same density as air blowing with the jet to help the visualization of the jets.

Then I run an other transient simulation(3) with the suction using the values of the previous simulation as initial values, etc...

When I run only (2) and no other transient simulation I can see the jet with the help of the smoke. But when I run an other simulation after that I am no mere able to see the different time-steps of (2) or the smoke.
1): Does anyone knows a better strategy?
2): What should I do to see all the different time-steps and to see the smoke on the simulation (3).

Thanks for your advice

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